Banks of the Ganges, India.

15 days, 34 degrees, 30 sunrises and sunsets, over 18 remote villages, 850km on the boat, several rickshaw rides, perceived 200 mosques and temples, Shiva, Ganesha, 330 million gods, Diwali followed by Chathh Puja. Pink, red, yellow and green saris, shiny embroidery, 780 different dialects, tons of local markets, countless bananas and mangos, sticky, dirty air. Cows, goats, chicken and millions of happy smiles. Oh, and Chai! Chai and Darjeeling. Golden brass on the markets that you can’t keep your eyes from…. Namaste India!

6 am, the call to prayer of the muezzin rings out disturbed by fancy indian music of a fisherman that “sails” next to our boat (float!), the coffee dregs are still laying on our tongues, jet lag had us up all night, the sun starts to rise and we get to see the first glimpse of magical orangey light through the thick layers of mysterious grayish morning fog. Ready for another day on the banks of the holy Ganges…

Thanks to Urban Outfitters and G Adventures for the trip of our lives.